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Norma Colby asked 5 เดือน ago

Easy Help Authoring With Helpsmith Many desktop applications and web services now provide their clients with a help file. Such a manual resolves a number of important tasks, such as explaining to users how to use a specific feature or to do anything with the program, reducing the effort spent on support service, etc. Despite a comprehensive help system is an integral part of your product, its creation is most often still not an easy job.

As the help author, you should determine what help format to use, which help authoring software and other utilities to use, how to integrate the help system with your program or service and provide context-sensitive Help, and so on. Help authoring software for professionals The initial idea for HelpSmith was to create a quality help authoring application, that includes a professional feature set and easy-to-use user interface, Boguszów-Gorce Anonse and allow developers and technical writers to create professional help files and printable documents easily.

HelpSmith currently supports different help formats such as CHM HTML Help, browser-based Web Help, and Printed Manual. Additionally, HelpSmith allows you to create PDF documents using a third-party PDF printer utility. The developers of this help authoring program combined an easy-to-use interface with features that makes it possible to create full-featured help files and provide documentation in different help formats. It should be pointed out that single source project can be exported into multiple output help formats, due to single-source support.

The main features of HelpSmith are a built-in word processor with spell checker (dictionaries for many languages are available) plus tools for quick creation of the Table of Contents, keyword index, and other navigation elements. HelpSmith also has support for Unicode, Dynamic Styles, Topic Templates, and anonse jelenia gora Variables. There is a smart Project Merge ability that simplifies working on the same project by a team of technical writers and making translations. HelpSmith offers you an advanced way to manage image and video files and supports any widely used graphical and video formats, including MOV and SWF clips.

Of course, it is also possible to integrate HTML Help and Web Help systems into your application and provide context-sensitive help documentation. HelpSmith includes an advanced way of working with multi media files. The help authoring program automatically puts all these files into a single media repository which is saved with your help authoring project. This, in turn, gives you these benefits: you mieszkanie do wynajęcia świdnik not have to copy any media files manually (so it becomes much easier to distribute your help authoring project), and it becomes much easier to update a screenshot used in more than one help topic since you simply update the graphics in the media repository and do not have to find and edit the topics manually.

Thus, the Media Repository feature is used in order to organize images and video clips into groups, which is also useful for large help files. Our help authoring tool includes support for text variables, that are divided into system and user ones. A variable is a placeholder which can be inserted into the text of a help topic, topic template, or in the text of values.

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